Bugz Bunny and Taz, Fresh Prince, and Jordan 7 Bordeaux sweatshirt outfits September 04 2015

Fits are brought to you by Hipsetters!


Today we bring you our first fit post in which we put together with our shirts available at our website www.hipsetters.com (Other items are not included) - Only grade school Jordan Grape 5s

Other than that we only sell shirts at this point.

1. Starting off we revamped the Bugs Bunny and Taz hip hop image on a sweatshirt. This image was dominate in the 90s with a play on the hip hop scene then. They of course are imitating Kriss Kross with the backwards clothing.

Skinny fit light wash rip blue jean should be pin rolled if worn with high top chucks. Look at our previous post on how to pinroll.

The red Converse Chuck Taylors will pop bringing in the color from the Bugs and Taz sweatshirt.

Jordan Hare 7? What more can I say? It's a classic sneaker that goes nice with this outfit.


2. The Fresh Prince is being poured some fresh orange juice. Jeffrey is seen pouring "Mawsta Willyumz" orange juice while Will sports some classic Jordan grape 5s. The green or purple version of this shirt can be bought from us and it screams pop out color when worn.

The blue jean is a strong basic skinny blue jean with no distressing or washing. Just a jet blue hue! (I own a pair myself by the way)

The Jordan 5 white grapes wraps this outfit up as well. The Bel Air Jordan 5s can work with this outfit too. If you pick the purple sweatshirt version the black grape 5s will be excellent.


3. The Bordeaux 7 sweatshirt is in a maroon, wine, like colorway. The text reads "Drop sneakers not bombs!" as Will cradles the Jordan Bordeaux 7 sneaker in spectators faces.

The Jean is black skinny, with cuts on the knee area.

The only sneaker to wear with this fit is the Jordan retro 7 Bordeaux. (Trying to match any other kick with a different one on your shirt is UNCIVILIZED!)