This has been in the making since November 2011.


Thanks for visiting our site! We'd just like to let you ladies and gents know that we are not a fly by night shirt company. As you can see we've put thought in to the images posted. But we'd also like to let you know a little more about ourselves.


Are your shirts screen printed?

As of now we print on Hanes/Gildan shirts. All white/ash grey shirts are screenprint-like and feels like the shirt at your local mall. 


Shipping Policies

We ship via USPS (United States Postal Service) - All orders ship First Class (3-5 days) and in some cases Priority Mail. (2-3 day carrier time)

We will only ship your item First Class when you order 1 t-shirt only. (2-5 day carrier time)

International shipping customers - we are not responsible for extra taxes or duties your country might charge.


Who are you?

We are artists and rebels of corporate fashion.



What made your organization start selling shirts?

We use to shop every week at our local malls and we feel that their is a void in art and cool images on shirts. That includes nostalgic images that corporations had forgotten about. Graphic tees are cool, but when it gets cold graphic sweatshirts are BETTER!



 Where are you located?


Cleveland, Ohio


How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since November 2011. We have been at various marketplaces such as Ebay and Etsy to grow and test our market so we can give you our best. Please check our feedback here as well!



Contact Information

Address: 19121 Nottingham rd

Phone: (216) 531-9704

You can contact us regarding your order at info@hipsetters.com